Blason Maison de vins Charles V


At Le Charles V, wine maturation is associated
with welcoming and sharing.

Our passion for Burgundy and its grape varieties has led us to offer you exceptional wines.
After many years of selecting high quality wines, we took the step to start ageing wines ourselves.
The first year, we started with 3 barrels. In the 2nd year we grew to 15 pieces.
Today, in 2023, we are going to progressively increase this proportion to reach 95% of wines aged by us.

Our passion and our enthusiasm as well as our rigor and our precision, are as many guarantees of quality and of assets for the success of this new adventure.
We have chosen to limit ourselves in the long term to about fifty pieces for about thirty different appellations per year.
You will therefore never find more than 600 bottles of these Charles V wines throughout the world per appellation and vintage!